20 Cool Cake Recipes You Never Thought You Could Make At Home

We have always loved cakes that bring one to the highest level of happiness with a slice, go best with tea, and make people feel delicious whether they are rich in chocolate or colorful fruits. But it’s always ready, from the patisserie to here, to where?

You don’t really need professional pastry shops and patisseries to eat delicious cakes. If you want, you can prepare excellent cakes at home and make your loved ones and guests happy.

There are even cakes that those who eat will never believe that you make them at home and that they will think you bought them from outside. They don’t look like the cakes you have ever known, they amaze people with their taste/presentation. They are very cool.

And it will come out of your hands. What could be more beautiful, cooler?

Honey with honey: Medovik cake

Not a cold wave, but a flavor wave is coming from Russia and Eastern Europe. So a kind of Russian cake, Medovik. It is also called honey cake because of its honey dough. Whatever the name is, the result is clear: Layers of taste and happiness.

Surprise them: Spinach pie

Think of a lush cake. Even a cake covered with the most beautiful green in the world. Have spinach in it, one of the best vegetables. We are very serious. It tastes so good that you will want to try it right away.

As graceful as a ballerina: Pavlova

Originating from Austria, pavlova is an elegant yet light cake. Melting hearts with its appearance, pavlova also makes stomachs happy with the taste of caramel and banana.

Everyone who sees it admires it: Biscuit-based semolina cake

We make a biscuit base and make cheesecake jealous, and we prepare a legendary dessert on which semolina takes the leading role. When we bring the two together, we create a legendary cake that will be eaten slice by slice.

Summer fun: Watermelon cake

This recipe doesn’t have the pastry bases you know, but rather watermelon. Yes, we are talking about watermelon, which is our favorite fruit of summer. Are you ready to surprise everyone after shaping a whole watermelon and covering it with cream?

20 Cool Recipes & 20 Cool Cake Recipe

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